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El Attal Holding, a prominent real estate developer in Egypt, has entered into strategic partnership agreements with Arab Contractors to spearhead a variety of property projects throughout the nation.

Ahmed El Attal, Chairperson of El Attal Holding, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, citing the company’s illustrious history and vast expertise, which spans more than 76 years in the Egyptian real estate sector.

Ahmed El Assar, Chairperson and CEO of Arab Contractors, remarked: “This partnership marks a pivotal evolution in our trajectory, marrying the seasoned experience, technical prowess, and strategic foresight of both parties.”

“We are thrilled to delve into the myriad prospects this alliance presents,” El Assar added. “Our concerted efforts are aimed at delivering concrete and groundbreaking outcomes that will bolster our standing in the marketplace and cater to the needs of our clientele and associates.”

In conclusion, El Attal stated that this strategic alliance is in harmony with their shared goals of crafting real estate endeavours that fulfil the expectations of their clients and contribute positively to societal advancement. Moreover, this partnership mirrors the optimistic outlook and the firm’s dedication to excellence in Egypt’s real estate domain.

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