Four steps to pick the right doctor for you

By | August 24, 2022
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Published on June 29, 2017

Most health plans give you the best deal on services when you see a doctor who has a contract with your health plan. You may be able to see doctors who don’t contract with your plan, but visiting an “in-network” provider usually means you’ll have lower out-of-pocket costs.

  1. Identify “in-network” providers that meet your needs.

    • Review your health plan’s provider directory — a list of the doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers that your plan contracts with to provide care.
    • If you’re looking for something specific, like a doctor who speaks a language other than English or can accommodate a disability, your insurer should be able to guide you in the right direction.
  2. Ask your friends for recommendations.

    • You can ask people you trust if they have any doctors they like.
    • Sometimes you can look up providers online to see what other people in the community say about them.
  3. Pick a provider.

    • Call the provider’s office, and ask any questions you may have to help you decide if they’re the right fit.
    • You may also want to know if the office is close to your house or work, and if the appointment times work with your schedule.
  4. Give them a try!

    • Sometimes it takes more than one visit to figure out if a provider is the right one for you.

Get more information on picking a provider (PDF).

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