Iran’s Daily Natural Gas Transmission Increases by 10 mmcm – Egypt Oil & Gas

By | February 12, 2022
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The CEO of the Iranian Gas Engineering and Development Company (IGEDC) Reza Noshadi announced that Iran’s daily capacity of natural gas transmission has increased by 10 million cubic meters (mmcm) after the operation of the company’s new projects.

Noshadi said that during the opening ceremony of gas supply and petrochemical projects of the Ministry of Petroleum, which was held in the presence of the President via video conference at the inauguration of the Arsanjan Gas Booster Facilities.

IGEDC’s CEO noted that his company will inaugurate the Arsanjan and Kheirgoo gas compressors on the eighth national trunkline and the auxiliary unit of Khormuj station on the fifth national trunkline.

“With the opening of these projects, the gas transmission capacity will increase by 10 million cubic meters per day to guarantee and stabilize gas supply by the pipeline from the gas fields in the south of the country to the center and north of the country,” he added.



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