Japan to Send LNG Cargoes to Europe Amid Russia-Ukraine Tensions – Egypt Oil & Gas

By | February 12, 2022
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Japan announced that it will divert some liquified natural gas (LNG) shipments to Europe in response to U.S. and the European Union requests to do so, according to a Reuters report quoting the Japanese industry minister, Koichi Hagiuda.

This came in light of tensions between Ukraine and Russia possibly leading to a gas shortage in Europe.

Hagiuda added that there are additional cargoes are expected to reach Europe in March. “We have decided to respond to requests from the United States and EU for sending LNG to Europe, where gas supply is tight,” the minister said.

Officials declined to comment on the amount of shipments that will arrive in Europe, noting that the number of shipments that is expected be delivered in March will be higher than in February.


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